The Asian American Resource Center is now accepting applications for exhibits in 2021


The City of Austin’s Asian American Resource Center (AARC) offers an annual Community Exhibit Program for artists who identify as Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) to display art and cultural objects that explore their unique perspectives. We encourage multidisciplinary emerging and established artists, collectors, and curators with culturally significant collections to apply. There are multiple exhibit spaces including a lively ballroom, sun lit foyer, display cases and exhibit halls that look out to a beautiful Zen Garden. While this is an Austin-based program, we welcome national and international submissions.

Selected artists will work with AARC staff to craft their exhibit for the space and assist with artist statements and design. In addition, artists are encouraged to hold creative workshops, contribute to discussion panels, or lead artists’ talks with the local community.

 The application deadline is May 17, 2020.

The AARC invites individual artists working in various media as well as artist teams, curators, galleries, community groups, and organizations to submit an application along with supporting materials to include: 

  • Artwork  images:      If this is a solo exhibit, the artist must submit 10-20 high quality (3500 pixels x 3500 pixels or larger), sample      images of artwork. If this is a group exhibit (2 or more artists),      the curator, gallery, or organizers must submit 3-5 sample images of artwork by EACH participating artist.       
  • Image list: Include the following information for each uploaded image: Name of artist, title of work, medium, dimensions (height x width x depth or duration), and date completed. 
  • Exhibit statement: Describe the medium, artistic process, and inspiration of the art. Explain the message or concept you would like to convey through this exhibit.
  • Bio: Include a 200 – 300 word biography about the artist(s). If the exhibit is for multiple artists, include a biography for each individual artist in a single document.
  • Resume (optional): Applicants may include a 1 – 2 page resume or CV listing educational and employment background, and previous exhibiting experience. 

Type of work 2D– painting, drawing, prints, photography, fiber, multimedia 3D– sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, glass work, fiber, installation. Film, video, animation, performance art and time-based work will be considered for short-term events.

Selection Applications are reviewed and selected by an anonymous panel to promote a balanced season. The selection panel consists of 3-5 AAPI professionals who work in fine arts, arts and crafts, curation, history, education, and community organizing. Applicants are not guaranteed an exhibit. Final selections and programming are approved by the Asian American Resource Center management. The criteria used by the panel is broad. Jurors rate applications on criteria such as technical accomplishment, content, AAPI perspective and how the work represents or speaks to Austin audiences. Additional criteria is taken into consideration, such as showing strong and relevant themes; and creating a season diverse in mediums, subject matter, and artists’ backgrounds. 

A brief overview of selection criteria: 

  • Originality: All artwork is original in concept and /or presentation.
  • Artistic Impression:   Strength of the artwork is shown based on technique, concept of work, execution, and application of artistic abilities.
  • Appropriateness: Does the artist identify as Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, or have an ethnic background that originates from a region of Asia or Pacific Islands.

Length of exhibits Exhibits will run for approximately 10 weeks depending on other programming activities at the AARC.

Exhibit space AARC is not a museum gallery. Exhibit spaces available include a ballroom, the lobby area, and the adjoining hallways. A secured glass display case located in the lobby is also available for smaller work, such as jewelry, ceramics, small 3-D sculptures, and small 2-D work. 

Delivery, installation, and de-installation Artist(s) are responsible for transporting all artwork and all related components including, stands, labels and other informational materials to and from the AARC on the date specified in the Exhibit Agreement. The AARC is partially equipped with track lighting system and relies mainly on natural sunlight and canned lights. The artist(s) is responsible for providing additional lighting and/or other necessary equipment for installation. All 2-D artwork must be framed or mounted and ready to hang with D-rings and wire. The AARC is a city owned facility and is handicap accessible. To meet our accessibility standards, artwork is hung at 56" on center for this purpose. Artwork that is intentionally unframed, such as stretched canvas, must have well finished edges. Edges cannot be taped. Mats, if used, must be well cut and clean. At the AARC, the gallery track hanging system with classic hooks is used for exhibits. The use of this system is preferred, but other methods that do not damage the walls will be considered at the manager's discretion. This system supports up to 88 lbs. per piece. All 3-D artwork submitted must be self-supporting or include a stand. Pedestals may be available upon request. In addition, 3D artwork should not have sharp objects protruding from the stand or be installed directly on the floor creating a possible walking hazard or difficulty with facility cleaning. All artwork labels must be typed, have a consistent appearance, and contain the same information (title, name, medium). Use a readable font style such as Arial or Times New Roman and font size no smaller than 14 points. Be consistent with placement of the labels. Label hanging height should not exceed 54”. The label design and material must be approved by AARC staff prior to installation. Pricelist and number pins are not accepted. Exhibit installation is the responsibility of the artist(s) and subject to approval by AARC staff. Sixty (60) days before the date of the installation, the artist(s) must attend a required planning meeting in order to have the proposed exhibit layout and installation methods approved. AARC staff will be onsite to provide consultation; however artist(s) are ultimately responsible for curating and installing the exhibit and providing all their own hardware and tools. The AARC will ensure that exhibit space and walls are ready for hanging prior to installation of work. All artwork must be removed from the premises by end of day on the scheduled de-install date unless other arrangements have been made with AARC staff. AARC staff will inspect space to ensure it is ready for the next show.

Publicity and promotion The AARC will support artists to the best of its ability in terms of promoting exhibits via the Center’s website, brochures, newsletters, calendar listings and other media outlets as available. Additional methods of publicity are the responsibility of the artist(s). The AARC reserves the right to reproduce accepted entries and images for the purpose of exhibit promotion and educational programming, as provided in the agreement. 

Reception A reception is typically scheduled for each exhibit, usually within the first week of its installation. The AARC will host the reception and provide light refreshments.

Sale of artwork Artist(s) may sell work directly to the public provided that artwork sold remains on display until the conclusion of the exhibit. The AARC does not market sales nor receive a commission from sales of art. AARC staff does not handle purchase negotiations for the artist(s). Any and all purchase inquiries will be referred directly to the artist.


Although the greatest of care and respect will be given to all work exhibited at the AARC, the AARC is not responsible for any loss or damage to the application materials or to the exhibiting work. Exhibits are afforded property insurance coverage under the Fine-Arts Floater on the City of Austin property insurance policy with a deductible in the amount of $2,500. 

Exhibit agreement form If an artist, curator, gallery, or organization is offered an exhibit opportunity at the AARC, a Community Exhibit Program Agreement must be completed and returned to the AARC within two weeks of notification. The terms of these guidelines are incorporated as part of the agreement. 


The Asian American Resource Center (AARC) is a cultural center within the Parks and Recreation Department. Our mission is to provide spaces and resources through an Asian American Pacific Islander perspective. The AARC is a public multi-use facility, which includes a ballroom, a library and computer lab, a conference room, community rooms, classrooms, a Zen garden, and Great Lawn. Regular Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm and Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00am to 9:00pm; Sunday — Closed. Location: Asian American Resource Center 8401 Cameron Road Austin, Texas 78754 Phone: 512.974.1700 Website: 


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